Socialist State of Britain and its Citizens of Blair.

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Blair is hanging on as PM because its easy to send him
down as an ex PM, and easier to get witnesses to shop him.

Taxing your mind to death.

The King is in his counting house,
Thinking of a game to play,
Called “how the hell do I balance the books,
Before I can safely slink away?”
Oh hes very busy and quite in a tizzy,
Cos theres enough black holes for doctor who,
What on earth can he wizard this time,
Oh whats he going to do?

He could tap up all the fat donors,
Who could get hurt jumping off their purse,
But woe is me for its plain to see,
Another Scotsman got there first,
With his cunning cries, “I tell you no lies”
And “The ermine is in the bag”,
And he walked off with their money,
In a great big bag marked swag.

So its useless, they are penniless now,
All their cheques are in the post,
All have been stitched up like a kipper,
By the one that they trusted most,
The only lords they’ll be now,
Is of the Scrubs or Pentonville,
And they’ll not get paid for many a day,
Cos the party's really ill.

chorus 1.
Theres aliens in our gardens,
And credit debts in our halls,
Theres police in all our refuse,
While someone steals our balls,
Theres children who cant read or write,
Battering down our doors,
While a ship of fools makes new rules,
And passes endless pc laws,
Where is the man with the godlike plans,
Who turns base metals into gold?
Where is his friend unto the end,
Or until he gets too old?
Looks like they ran clean away,
And currently cant be found,
But not to worry, no real hurry,
The Home Office will track them down.

Meanwhile back at Gordons Gambling house,
The chips are getting very thin,
He started off with twenty billion,
And they happily let him in,
But now hes blown all hes known,
And lots more borrowed beans besides,
Hows he going to pay for it all,
When he runs out of accounting lies?

Chorus 2
Oh, I can tax them on all their cars,
I can tax them on all their bins,
I can snoop on all their refuse,
And fine them on what they’ve put in,
Stealth tax more than ever before,
Give the poor inheritance dues,
Then Ill disguise, or tell blatant lies,
Through my state owned Pravda news.

But our genius of a Chancellor,
Managed to completely con us all,
His buddy whos now breaking rocks,
Decided to take the fall,
And pleaded guilt to the debts he built,
In return for a shorter stretch,
Dreaming all the while with his famous smile,
How much his memoirs will now fetch.

So its business as usual now,
With another jovial smug Scots smile,
Theyre taking all our children,
And brainwashing them in style,
Dawn till dusk, they train shuffling husks,
To be obedient and obey,
For theres to be no more radicals,
No, theres to be a new fourth way.

The fourth way it is wonderful,
The fourth way will save us all,
Gordon is our hero now,
Were all just having a ball,
Were spending just like he does,
Without worry and without care,
No one pays the piper,
So long as Supergord is there,
We stupidly trusted lying Tony,
But weve learned and now we are wise,
We all know the true Supergord,
When it pops down from the skies,
We wont worry about the money,
Wont worry about old age,
We wont worry over our bills,
Someone else always pays,
We cant go out because of the louts,
Even if slimmer and not so fat,
But the telly soothes us all is fine,
And were content with that,
All our schools produce is fools,
But then our hospitals kill them off,
But were safe indoors with deliveries,
Unless we develop a worrying cough,

We once had a country to be proud of,
We once had law throughout the shires,
We once had health and happiness,
Plus education to be admired,
We once had honesty and our dignity,
And the sense of our historic land,,
Until these mini Stalins took over,
With their insidious five year plans.

Open letter to Muslim and Christian Forum of UK.

I am not particularly religious, though I dont discount it, and believe there at least is a set of rules we could all live better by following.
However, as an outsider I may have a more practical view of what faces you with this government.

You, laudably give them credence for having pure intentions, and the current situation being brought about by pc views gone to extremes.

had it occurred to you there might be a more insidious agenda?

Blair and co are in the business of socialist/communist state building with blair as dictatorial head. much like Lenin and 1917 through Stalin etc.

in doing so what did Lenin/Stalin do? why they taught a different history in schools, sublimated the standard of education low for the general public, on the basis those with brains cannot rebel vociferously enough without erudition. they quickly outlawed the Russian orthodox church and all other faiths in favour of being subjugate to the mother state. citizens. a word which has crept in recently until we dont know what else to call ourselves in some quarters.

Hence you are being manipulated because you are all RELIGIOUS, and as such present a threat to the Blair communist state master plan. a big threat they would prefer was eliminated or at the very least diluted.

This is not pc gone awry at work against you both, but a very concerted effort to crush religion in this country, much as there is a similar determination to wipe out our history and culture.

ALL OF US GET ALONG PRETTY WELL left to our own devices. yet this government itself stirs unrest where there is none. who raised the veil question? why four members of cabinet plus the prime minister liar in chief.
similarly, if you hired a hall seating 200 and put 150 in, they'd all rub along reasonably well even if they were blue,pink,black,purple with green spots. but put another 500 into the hall and all hell would break loose, purely on overcrowding, not racial grounds. yet these people import 1 million more every year into our tiny country and expect differing communities to assimilate this year on successive year in their stride.
this is done purely to dilute our "Englishness", traditions, and to dilute religions by deliberately fomenting disagreements between the major faiths. One main trait in england is tolerance, yet these seek to stir people up who would otherwise grudgingly gradually get along ok.
I hope you see these are deliberately trying to ridicule Christmas purely to cause conflict between religions, not out of any pc reason to actually try to PLACATE various ethnic groups. unfortunately, one of their other traits has been to promote politics as this dull boring corrupt and worthless thing, primarily so no one will vote at all, and to foster apathy and indolence so as to go about their business of subjugating the population and crushing any religions blossoming within it, all power to their mother state,
whilst apathy chains them to beds inside their houses, not railings.

When you consider how very meekly the British populace has accepted Iraq, and the fact that Blair and Co are all still in office, it would seem the general populace are already suitably cowed, so the logical next step is religion, whose voice has been raised in anger against the Government on quite a few fronts recently in the absence of any discernible backbone in the general public at large.

Hence the assault and deliberate attempts towards fragmentation and division being attempted now against ALL religions in this country.

I hope this letter at least makes you consider there may well be more to trashing Christmas by local councils than silly pc. in my view it is far from that, indeed a concerted effort to cause as much mischief between religions as is humanly possible.

Remember, the more fear and disharmony they can cause, the more that they can try to justify marshal law, 90 day detention without habeas corpus etc on the back of discontent they have deliberately formulated themselves.

I wish you luck and success on your venture, a common sense effort which deserves applause in all quarters. What a pity the country is not at the very least advised by such wiser heads as yourselves.

Malcolm Pugh

This is your early morning wake up call.

Its ten months today, they took Mr Jones away,
No one knew where he was, or even if alive,
He put potatoes in, his pristine paper only bin,
And was arrested forthwith, though aged eighty five,
Nobody knew at the time, of his heinous crime,
Nobody knew he had been taken in dark night,
That hes shackled on all fours, on anti terrorist laws,
Has never actually, really, come to light,
For I can arrest at will, and am doing just so still,
And those I take have no rights to make a call,
I can keep them safe inside, away from prying eyes,
Where they can never be heard or seen at all,
Didnt you ever foresee me, when installing my CCTV,
Didnt you wonder what DSN Databases were for,
Why didnt you turn pale, when I built all those new jails,
Did you think that you would be free for evermore?
There was that dull rumbling of all the tumbrils
Plain for all out there with eyes to see,
Burning of all the books, your historys path had took,
Silencing of all critics plus the despised BBC,
The writing was on the wall, in letters ten feet tall,
Daubed in red over everything we touched,
But we had produced such apathy, nobody could ever see,
And nobody could really care that much,
Those stubborn few that tried, were quickly tossed inside,
And their writings slighted subtly in the news,
Those of religious faiths, were quietly ordered to make,
Their minds up and conform to all our views.

So now I can do, whatever I want with you,
Who thought yourselves so mighty in your time,
I can simply invent, a new legal supplement,
And disappear you in the name of crime,
You were taken in, by my webs of spin,
Until that day elections ceased to be,
When I assumed control, and owned all your souls,
Until that day you thought that you were free,
Theres many a five year plan, now abroad in my land,
Which few of you here now will live to see,
All because you ceased to try, mistrusting your own eyes,
It was just so much easier to agree.

When someone derides, your sense of national pride,
When someone decides what is taught in schools,
When someone chips away, at religions of the day,
When someone treats us all like feeble fools,
When someone passes laws, annulling all thats gone before,
When someone treats traditions with disdain,
When someone puts cronies, in positions that were holy,
When someone simply lies to us again,
Is it any wonder we, will inevitably be,
Stripped of our rights if we dont make a stand,
Is it going to be a suprise, when we open up our eyes,
And see he has taken over all that was our land,
Or should we be aware, and take much more care,
About what is happening around us with such ease,
Their tap of dilution dripping, while they are slowly stripping,
Away our layers of protection born of centuries.

All those glorious robes, are the Emporers new clothes,
All the glitter is superficial surface gold,
All their mighty glories and all their success stories,
Were lies before they ever were told,
Does it take a child, to utter with a smile,
"Hes not wearing any clothes at all",
Before we can see, before we can be truly free,
Before we can instigate their final fall,
They create illusions, and use the ensuing confusion,
To blind us to what they are really doing,
They infiltrate insidious creatures, writing daily features,
And controlling what we are hearing and we are viewing,
Isnt it high time, these are denounced as crimes,
Isnt it time we charged them with high treason,
For if we wait much longer, they will get ever stronger,
Surely this is our last election season.

And if we fail to try, then Mr Jones will die,
Alone, and nobody will know his fate,
And we will simply obey, or be taken far away,
In this Britain that we used to call Great.

Things that go bump in the night.

Theres a creature in the hall, that’s over five feet tall,
But only little kids and cats can see him,
Theres something in the woods, that’s really not too good,
But no one dares to go near, and flee him,
Theres a rustling in twilight, causing terror stricken fright,
And its not a cat or dog but large and green,
It slithers and it slides, and utters moaning cries,
Just beyond the range that can be seen,
There really are grey ghosts, causing all we fear most,
There really are grim ghouls out in the gloom,
You are right to fear, when something seems quite near,
Or when its pitch black inside your room,
So its not paranoid, to shrink away and avoid,
That narrow pathway winding through dark night,
They really are out there, when you feel their stare,
When you worriedly stop, quivering with primal fright,
Don’t imagine screams, are only in your dreams,
And when youre awake that youre safe and sound,
Those that were creeping, when you were soundly sleeping,
May still be quietly tiptoeing around.

So don’t be surprised, your kids see through your lies,
And know you are just as scary petrified as them,
Those times you’ve gone white, but are swearing its alright,
Saying it wont ever dare come back again,
For theres monsters at the door, and creakings in the floor,
From the creatures that live down there below,
And though never seen, we perceive that they have been
We are awakened, alerted, and we KNOW,
So one day after dark, when the kids are down the park,
And the wife is waiting in a shopping queue,
That will be the day, when they are far away,
When the ogres and trolls finally eat you.

Malcolm Pugh January 2006.

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